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Zen Meditation:

Zen is a type of meditation that functions at the heart of the practice. “Zen” this word comes from the Chines, it means to attain enlightenment through meditation. Enlightenment means to become aware and also to understand the nature. In this meditation, you just sit still & empty. This is most easiest and effective meditation technique.Many different forms of Zen Meditation

Zazen Meditation: It means to study the self. Most importance must be paid to how one is are seated in preparation. The position of seating must allow body stability, that allowing the breath to flow effortlessly. In this meditation, for a certain period of time sitting in a prescribed position and also closing your mind to the thoughts or images. So, your heart rate will decrease and breathing becomes shallow. A state of deep reflective meditation you will get. With the help of this meditation, you can easily connecting to your existence such as the body, the mind, the soul. When practising Zen meditation, only our mind will be involved not thoughts.


1) It helps you to become stress less.
2) TO find the real you, it helps.
3) The practitioner become relax

Nine steps to achieve Zen meditation:
a) Take breathe, in and out.
b) Pay attention to your breath when it gets deep and you feel peace.
c) When you breathe in and out think of your body and try to relax your body
d) When you breathe in, calm your body and when you breathe out.
Feel the compassion
e) One by one relax your facial muscles and send smile to all parts of your body.
f) Relax all the muscles of your body.
g) When you breathe in, think of joy, happiness.
h) Get back to your breathe in and out position.
i) Sit in relax and position.