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Yoga is well considered as a great exercise for pregnant women. Yoga will not only help to tone and intensify your body and muscles but it also helps to quiet and calm your mind. Flexibility, stamina, strength and mental well-being are all highly important for getting you and your baby through the pregnancy and birth. Moreover, Pregnancy yoga classes in Mumbai also helps in recovery time afterward.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles required for childbirth

For many busy, pregnant women it can be difficult to go to yoga classes for practicing. Thus, we have started Pregnancy Yoga At Home In Mumbai to help you reap the benefits from the comfort of your own home. Prenatal yoga also helps the women to prepare for the stress of being a new mother.

Why Yoga?

When you think of yoga, visions of a skinny guy twisting himself into a pretzel probably come to mind. But if you’re expecting or just gave birth, contorting your body probably isn’t a priority. (Pregnancy and childbirth provide enough shape-shifting for most of us!) Don’t worry — this 5,000-year-old practice of breathing and moving exercises that strengthens the entire body and soothes the spirit is perfect for everyone — even pregnant women and new moms!

The benefits of stretching can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy. Stretching during pregnancy can help keep you fit and can help relieve many of the aches and pains and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy. Here are some of the benefits of stretching that you can enjoy while waiting for your baby to arrive.


Why Stretching during Pregnancy Is Important

Stretching during pregnancy helps protect your freedom of movement and prevent muscle injury; it’s important to keep your muscles and joints strong and flexible for a safe labor. Stretching can also relieve many of the common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, like low back pain.

Failing to stretch during pregnancy can reduce your joint range of motion. Not stretching during pregnancy makes your muscles grow short and tight, so that they function less efficiently. Not stretching during pregnancy can lead to spinal misalignment, which can cause mild to severe back pain and can cause specific muscle groups to tighten. Over time, spinal misalignment can distort the shapes of major muscle groups.


Stretching Helps Loosen Stiff and Sore Muscles

stretching during pregnancy can help relieve muscle stiffness and pain. Stretching can relieve the back pain associated with pregnancy, especially in the lower back. Stretching can also safely relieve muscle pain in other parts of the body, including:

  • The neck
  • The upper and mid back
  • The chest

Stretching during pregnancy helps to bring oxygenated blood into your muscles, to give you more energy and help flush out toxins and lactic acid, so you’ll experience less muscle soreness. Stretching during pregnancy, if done properly with deep breathing, also brings more oxygen to your baby to help him grow.


Stretching during Pregnancy Keeps You Relaxed

Stretching during pregnancy also helps keep you lose, calm and relaxed. It keeps you flexible and can have the following benefits to your pregnancy exercise program:

  • Stretching before and after exercise prevents injury and sore muscles
  • Stretching helps to relieve physical and mental tension
  • Stretching regularly helps to lengthen your muscles to permanently enhance your flexibility
  • Stretching regularly helps to lubricate your joints so that they move smoothly and without pain
  • Stretching regularly gives you a greater freedom of movement

Stretching During Pregnancy Helps You Cope

One of the benefits of stretching during pregnancy is that it helps counterbalance the biochemical effects that pregnancy can have on your body. It can also help you cope with the psychological and emotional stress of pregnancy. A stretching regimen not only helps you prepare for the birth of a new child, but can help you get into the habit of taking time out for yourself to rest and rejuvenate before the demands of parenting become overwhelming, so that once your baby arrives you’ll remember that you need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of him.


Muscle Groups That Should Be Stretched During Pregnancy

You should stretch the following muscle groups during your pregnancy, at least three to five times per week:

  • Hip flexors and illiopsoas
  • Quadriceps
  • Pectorals
  • Lower back
  • Shoulders
  • Back of the neck and upper back


Benefits of Breathing Exercises during Pregnancy:

Why do we need to breathe right during pregnancy? Let’s find out!

  1. As your baby grows, your body requires more oxygen to function at its optimum. Your baby too needs adequate oxygen to grow properly. Shallow breathing is not sufficient to provide the body with ample oxygen. But with these breathing exercises, your body will get the oxygen it needs.
  2. Anxiety and stress are a part of the whole pregnancy experience. With breathing exercises, you can stay calm and de-stress.
  3. As you deep breathe, you provide your body with more oxygen. This in turn provides relief from achy joints and muscles.
  4. The one thing most pregnant women dread is labor. But if you practice breathing exercises regularly, labor won’t be such a huge battle. It will allow you to manage your contractions and labor pain better.
  5. Most importantly, these exercises will help you stay ‘present’ during your pregnancy and labor. They will allow you to enjoy the miracle that’s childbirth.



Breath work practice

This is a good tool for labor during contractions. If we are consciously breathing, our blood pressure and heart rate is regulated keeping us in parasympathetic/relaxation mode. Calm mama equals calm baby.



Acupressure can help ease lower back pain, labor pain, nausea and headaches, as well as help naturally induce labor and reduce stress and anxiety during labor.



Meditation is known to increase the energy flow in the body as its requirement is high for expectant mothers. Simply put, meditation helps you pass through your pregnancy comfortably, giving you more energy, strength and peace. It even prepares you much better for you labor.

Why massage during pregnancy.

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. Massages during pregnancy have often received ambivalent responses from the health community regarding their safety and purpose. Modern investigation and research has shown that prenatal massage therapy can be an instrumental ingredient in women’s prenatal care and should be given careful consideration.

Although most massage training institutions teach massage therapy for women who are pregnant, it is best to find a massage therapist who is certified in prenatal massage. The Navroop yoga works with some massage therapists who are trained to work with pregnant women, but it is still important to ask about qualifications.