Yoga At Home

Health and wellness has become the motto for one and all and practicing Yoga at home is a growing trend amidst the urban crowd. . Keeping in mind the needs of our valued clients Navroop Yoga offers the efficiency of personal training now at your doorsteps. Students feel more comfortable practicing yoga at their place this enables the teacher to give more attention to the students, thus understanding their requirements better to design a compatible program. Every student has a unique body structure, built, shape, size and figure, different thought patterns, impact of energy level, etc. The teacher (trainer) starts of by mapping the student’s mind, their purpose of doing yoga and this enables us to provide detailed e counseling to each and every student.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate work life comes with its own challenges. Deadlines, back pains, competition, growing waistline, long hours etc is the harsh reality. Along with the perks even the stress increase, and if you can’t live up to all this you often are left with inevitable distress for a lifetime. Yoga deals with the whole person and balances all aspects of the human being. It affect’s one’s health, emotional well-being, frame of mind, clarity of thinking etc. It appeals because there are no barriers to Yoga, it crosses age, sex, creed etc. Yoga is one of the best preventive / curative aspects of our stressful corporate life. Navroop Yoga promises vitality to perform better in the gravest situations offering a revitalized body mind and soul to our Corporate clients. Navroop yoga offers the Types of yoga for corporate

  • Pace Yoga – Nonstop 20 mins series of asanas
  • Chair yoga – Yoga poses with the help of chair
  • Stretch yoga – series of stretches for whole body to reduce muscle or spinal stress
  • Pawanmuktasan series – small exercises for every part of the body can also be done in office clothes.
  • Meditation – Relaxation of mind and body
  • Therapy Yoga – for the treatment of specific disease
  • Traditional Yoga – Asanas & Pranayam

Corporate yoga is equally essential to the company. Ultimately the health of the employee is the wealth of the company.

Group Yoga

One of the hardest things about yoga and meditation practice is keeping consistency. In home many people can’t maintain a systematic regular practice. This is where group yoga practice is especially helpful. Group yoga practice encourages the beginners. The yoga classes, taught by our registered yoga therapist include modified yoga postures, relaxation and meditation. In a group or class atmosphere you will not only practice yoga but, you will do it with greater interest and intensity. We also conduct yoga at different fitness centres like gym, clubs etc.

There is no barrier of age, sex, place and size for group yoga. Our teachers are well trained and experienced to handle ‘n’ number of students with different health issues at one class.

Other Services

  • Aerobics
  • Weight Training
  • Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Counseling

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