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Hatha Yoga:
In the 15th century Yogi Swatmarama was founded Hatha Yoga in India. The word hatha means forceful. In this yoga there is a set of physical exercises and also sequences of asanas and postures. The postures in this yoga are also designed to open the many parts of the body the spin, so freely energy can flow. The Word “Hatha” is translated as ha its mean “sun” and tha means “moon.” It is a combination the pair of opposites. You can develop a balance of strength and flexibility in this yoga. It involves the physical postures breathing exercises, meditation, mudras. It is a powerful for self-transformation.

Benefits of Hath Yoga:

• It is beneficial for the both physical and mental benefits to the body and the mind.
• It eliminate the toxins in your body.
• By practicing this Yoga you will lose all the bad cravings such as drugs, smoke, and alcohol.
• It increases the awareness of body; relaxes the mind and body; you can centralise the and also increase the attention; sharpens concentration.