Traditional Yoga

Traditional Yoga

Traditional Yoga known as classical Yoga.From several thousands of years, it has remained as it is while other modern styles of yoga have been developed. The techniques of breadth is taught in this yoga. In traditional schools, these techniques are preserved, but new practitioner is unfamiliar. Traditional methodologies are often changed. By practicing all limbs of raja yoga and hatha using the traditional methodologies, the goal Enlightenment is achieved. This is the principle on which Traditional Yoga is based. The main aim of this Yoga is to restore an understanding of the relationship in the different forms of yoga and this knowledge present in its original form.


This Yoga focuses on developing several key areas of the body. It increases flexibility. This yoga develops concentration, balance, strength. It is not a mind altering form of yoga but rather a style that reforms how the participant thinks about their body.

Traditional Yoga offers many benefits such as- physical, mental and emotional.

Useful elements.

1) Connection to Breath:-This yoga give the importance of breath.

2) Meditation: – Meditation is an important activity in traditional yoga. It increase the awareness.