Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Today everyone wants to stay healthy and fit, so there are many workout programs to achieve the fitness. In the world Indian technique yoga is a very popular workout, it has some aspects such as- meditation,physical exercise and techniques of breathing.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is the main form of yoga which is called the athlete’s yoga. The word ‘Power’ means the intensity.  Actually, in the west this name form was coined. It is a dynamic version of traditional yoga. In other yoga there is a fixed set of asanas, but in this yoga teachers have options to arrange the postures according to preferences.  This Yoga consists of certain ‘asanas’ which are useful for relaxing the body by meditation. By practise this Yoga so many people get of calmness and feel so relaxed.

Benefits of Power Yoga

  • Power yoga create health benefits flexibility, stamina, strength, balance and also better focus.It works to eliminate the toxins from your body by sweat.
  • This yoga works for the overall of your body. In the joints it’s also increase lubrication.
  • It also works to improve your physical and also mental strength.
  • The Power Yoga help you to maintain a good posture, in a good way it tones your body.
  • Its Postures also work as a warm up or efficiently its work for the athletes. It is beneficial for the sportsmen.
  • This yoga helps to promote the blood circulation and also boosts the immune system.
  • The Power yoga helps for burning the Calorie.
  • It improves the lung capacity, which helps to for the relaxation.


Some physical advantages has in Power Yoga, which is flexibility, much more stamina, and muscles became strong. Practitioners of physical type of Yoga, advantageous emotionally they are capable to release stress. Generally five minutes at the end of the practice, it also includes meditation. This combination is so fantastic to the practitioner relax the mind and also. It releases the tension and stress after thisworkout. With a state of clarity the practitioner will live the life.To take better decisions clarity mind is important. Power Yoga helps improve the mental awareness and mental strength. Balance another advantages of Power Yoga, when the practitioner take a pose, he should be able to hold someone in a certain balance.

Practicing by this yoga results is a definite, flexible, and balanced body,which is most useful for the balance mind.